Championship team

Hello Northstars,

We are forming our championship team to represent the Park Paseo Northstars for the upcoming ISL Championship Meet scheduled for Saturday, August 16 at Woollett Aquatics Center.  I will be at the check-in table at this Saturday’s home meet for sign-up.  If you can not make it this Saturday, please email me.

I will also be collecting orders for Champs Apparel this Saturday.


GO Northstars!

Coach Kyle’s letter 7-30

Hey Northstars,

I can’t believe we’re reaching the last few weeks of our season. There’s going to be a lot of different things coming up – so make sure to make note of the upcoming events/changes.

First, we have our last swim meet of the season, which is also home at Park Paseo. As you remembered from last week, I did both meet seeds ahead of time. With that being said, however, I know there are a few swimmers that would like to swim different events than last Saturday. If that’s the case, please let me know today and no later than tomorrow. I will make those changes for you. We will begin check-in at 7:45 but warm-up will start at 7:40 for Level 5.

For those of you that missed the Be the Coaches Fundraiser, that will take place after the conclusion of the swim meet. YOU CAN SIGN UP HERE.

Secondly, we have our swim-a-thon this Thursday. For those of you new to a swim-a-thon, it’s where you raise money based on how many laps your Northstar swims. There are two different ways to donate: 1. $ per lap, 2. fixed $. Basically, lets say your Northstar swims 100 laps. If you wish to donate $1 per lap, then that would be $100. But if you only want to donate a max of $20, then no matter how many laps someone does, you will donate $20. For the younger kids, most donors do $ per lap because it encourages them to swim as many laps as they can. For the older kids, that strategy works too but sometimes it ends up being a much higher number than parents/donors realize. It’s completely up to the donor! There will be prizes awarded to the Northstars that raise the most amount of money.

Thirdly, I will send out another e-mail later tonight regarding Championship Practice Times. Most families that don’t attend Champs go on vacation during weeks 9 and 10. Therefore, we change the practice times to accommodate smaller attendance in each level. I’m going to discuss with my coaching staff what we all think would be appropriate practice times. Just to clarify, these Championship Practices for Weeks 9 and 10 are open to everyone. We would like them mandatory for those swimming at Champs though.

Lastly, we have our annual team sleepover coming up on August 8th. It’s by far our most fun event of the season. However, we currently don’t have a host for either the boys or girls. I’m going to see if my parents can let me use their house one last time. But we usually have a problem finding a girls’ host. If you would like to offer your house for a sleepover, that would be awesome! It would only be the 9 & ups sleeping over. If you’d like more information, please e-mail me. I will be sending out a separate e-mail regarding the sleepover later this week.
As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns – feel free to ask me at




Kyle Kim-E

Head Swim Coach
Park Paseo Northstars

End of the Season Party change

Hi Everyone,

After hearing that several Northstars families will be going out of town on the day following the Championship Meet (including Coach Morgan) we decided to have our End of the Season Party on the same evening as  Champs.

Our hosts for the party are our Northstars sponsors, Amy and Murray Falk. They will be serving a pizza dinner with salads and drinks followed by cake. Unfortunately, the Falk Family already had plans for the Saturday evening.  We are starting with dinner at 5:30 PM, to give Amy and Murray time to socialize with our Northstars Family before they need to leave to honor their prior commitments.

After dinner, we will begin the Awards Ceremony where the swimmers will receive their trophies and awards.  Following the ceremony, the swimmers can have some play time in the pool until it is dark.  Once it is dark, we will be able to enjoy the Northstars slideshow for 2014.

Each family should be receiving an Evite invitation for the party soon.  Please let me know if you do not receive the invitation.  We will need to know how many people will be attending the party by Friday, August 8, so that we will know how much food is needed.

Thank you!


Meet Report #4 – Irvine World News (7-26-2014)

The Park Paseo Northstars came out strong against the Deerfield Bluefins on Saturday. The team recorded 144 time improvements, 91 top three finishes, and 66 ISL qualifying times.

Hannah Constandse had the strongest performance of the day, finishing first and qualifying for ISL in all of her races (girls 13-14 butterfly, individual medley, and freestyle). Eleven swimmers finished in the top three and qualified for ISL in all of their events, including Ethan Chen, Brynna Hsia, Jonathan Kuo, Sarah Kuo, Nyah Lin, Tyler Lin, David Miller, Delaney Palmer, Hannah Palmer, Andrew Teh, and Esteban Torres. Viraj Deshpande placed in the top three in all events and had one ISL qualifying time.

Marisol Chandler, Robert Chandler, Mary Grannis-Vu, Hari Raghavan and Katie Wilhelm all earned their first ISL qualifying times of the season.

The Northstars took first place in five relays, including the 7-8 medley team of Keira Patel, Lauren Kim, Tyler Lin and Jalen Hsia (1:29:85); the 9-10 medley team of Danny Kim, Brynna Hsia, Sydney Lin, and Delaney Palmer (2:32:67); the 9-10 freestyle team of Andrew Teh, Sydney Lin, Simran Patel and Ethan Chen (2:20:05); the 11-12 freestyle team of Evan Strock, Katie Wilhelm, Erin Kim and Sarah Kuo (2:15:19); and the 13-14 freestyle team of Nicole Jacoby, Samantha Wong, Michael Chandler and Alex Wilhelm (2:13:01).

The biggest time improvement of the day came from Ariana Chen, who dropped 31.65 seconds in the girls 7-8 breaststroke. Samantha Ly took off 17.27 seconds in the girls 9-10 breaststroke. Evan Bennett dropped 12.66 seconds and swam to a first place finish in the boys 5-6 butterfly.

Swimmers with time improvements in three events include Chloe Dougherty, Nicole Jacoby, Jonathan Miller, Simran Patel, Ranjani Raghavan, Julianne Saunders, Evan Strock, and Anagha Subbaraman.


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