Swimmers are expected to attend at least 2 days per week, however they are fun and THE #1 way for your swimmers to make the most improvements! Progress is best achieved by attending three or more practices a week.

Our practices begin in June, held Monday through Thursday with younger/less experienced swimmers swimming earlier in the day.

Practice Schedule 2016

Practices will be about one hour. And for the young swimmers: don’t worry – practice is more than just about swimming laps! Swimmers usually warm up with stretching and a quick meeting with some occasional dry land work.

May 31 – June 9, 2016

  • Level I (5 and 6 year olds): 3:00pm – 4:00pm
  • Level II (7 and 8 year olds): 4:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Level III (9 and 10 year olds): 5:00pm – 6:00pm
  • Level IV (11 and up): 6:00pm – 7:00pm

June 13 – August 6, 2016

  • Level V: 1:45pm – 3:00pm
  • Level I: 2:45pm – 3:30pm
  • Level II: 3:15pm – 4:15pm
  • Level III: 4:00pm – 5:00pm
  • Level IV: 4:45pm – 6:00pm

Level 5 (1:45 – 2pm STRETCH, 2 – 3pm SWIM)
– Most Advanced Level, doesn’t require much technique work
Practices will be what you would expect of a competitive swim club
– Stroke technique will be considered minor tweaks in swimmers’ strokes and more advanced technique tips will be learned/improved upon

Level 1 (2:45 – 3pm STRETCH, 3 – 3:30 SWIM)
– Newer swimmers that require a lot of technique work
– Smaller group that will benefit from having a lot of coaches in the water
– Think of this level as a group of Northstars taking a group private lesson for 30 minutes, which will be a perfect amount of time to cover everything

Level 2 (3:15 – 3:30pm STRETCH, 3:30 – 4:15pm SWIM)
– Newer swimmers, mostly age 7-8, but still need technique work
– Require less assistance from coaches but there will still be a lot of coaches in the water

Level 3 (4 – 4:15pm STRETCH, 4:15 – 5pm SWIM)
– More experienced swimmers, mostly age 9-10, but still need technique work
– This group will primarily be 9+ years of age, which means a lot of swim technique will involve working on flip turns, turns, and IM
– Some coaches will still be in the water for this level to work on technique for the Northstars in this level

Level 4 (4:45 – 5pm STRETCH, 5 – 6pm SWIM)
– More experienced & older swimmers, mostly age 11 & up, but still need some technique work
– This group will focus on technique but also be what you would expect from a swim club practice (more yardage w/ a clock)
– Coaches will get in from time to time but only if necessary to showcase flip turns, certain technique, and more

A small recap for the new practice times:

Level 5
= 1:45 – 3pm
Level 1 = 2:45 – 3:30pm
Level 2 = 3:15 – 4:15pm
Level 3 = 4 – 5pm
Level 4 = 4:45 – 6pm

Key things to remember about practices:

  • When missing practices, you DO NOT need to notify the Head Coach.
  • Per HOA rules, all non-resident swimmers MUST BE SUPERVISED during practice.
  • Swimmers age 5-8 MUST BE SUPERVISED during practice. See the Park Paseo Manager for exceptions (Resident swimmers age 9-10 may get a blue tag from the Park Paseo Manager which allows them to attend practice only without a parent, and resident swimmers age 11 and up may get a green tag which allows them at the pool for practice and when a lifeguard is present)
  • For everyone’s safety, please be sure to fully close gate latches when entering and exiting the pool.
  • Be on time for practice and meets.
  • Swimmers need to be on their best behavior. If there is a problem, they will receive a warning, a time out and, if necessary, be asked to leave. The Park Paseo Code of Conduct will be enforced.
  • Stay off the lane lines – they are plastic and are costly to replace.

Practice Schedule

For the first 3 weeks of practice, children practice with their appropriate age group. For the past few seasons we have had a practice schedule as follows. These times are not guaranteed every year and are subject to the HOA allowing us to use the pool at these times.

During practices the coaches will be evaluating each swimmer’s ability and placing them in an “ability level” practice group. This format will closely resemble the “age level” practice groups but will allow swimmers who need a little extra attention to get the level of coaching they need while allowing more advanced swimmers to practice with a group that will challenge their abilities and give them more opportunity for improvement. This format will also better allow us to effectively utilize the swim lanes that will be available to us by breaking up some of those age groups that have a disproportionate number of swimmers.

Below is a description of the ability levels. The ultimate decision of a child’s practice group will be made by the Head Coach. However, most parents will be able to predict which group your child will be placed in based on the descriptions below. This is for planning purposes only. There is a chance that a child could initially be placed in one group and be moved to a higher level as their skills progress during the season.

Level 1 – (PRIMARILY 5-6 age group representation)

Swimmers who have not had any prior or very limited swimming experience (new 5 year-olds, young 6 year-olds with only 1 ISL season, any other new swimmers who need introduction to the 4 swim strokes)

Level 2 – (PRIMARILY 7-8 age group representation)

Young swimmers who are able to swim sets and laps on their own but still have a need for stroke refinement. (skilled 6 year-olds, older 6 year-olds, 7 and 8 year-olds)

Level 3 – (PRIMARILY 9-10 age group representation)

Swimmers who have just transitioned to the 50 yard distances and may be struggling. (9 year-olds as well as 10 year-olds who are still struggling to endure the distance, as well as skilled 8 year-olds).

Level 4 – (PRIMARILY STRONG 9-10 age group representation)

Proficient swimmers who can endure a proper 9-10 workout, 11 & up swimmers who need extra attention.

Level 5 – (PRIMARILY 11 & up age group representation)

Proficient swimmers who can endure a proper 11 and up workout (11 & up and skilled 9-10 year-olds)

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