Swim Suits and Apparel FAQs 2016

Here are a list of FAQs or frequently asked questions for the apparel process. Please review these to see if you question is answered here before contacting the parent volunteer. Thanks!

Q: Can I pay with check or cash?

A: This year we are only accepting credit cards. We are not accepting cash or check for apparel and suits because it adds an element of error and time consuming processes to account for the funds.

Q: What happened to the paper forms? Can I still fill out a paper form?

A: This year we have done away with the paper forms and gone all digital. Again, it simplifies the amount of work for volunteers , makes the process more efficient, and makes it more accurate.

Q: Why can we only order during a 2 weeks window?

A: We’d like to offer a longer period for ordering but for accounting purposes we have been asked to limit the window of purchasing to increase the ease of reviewing and auditing the bank statements. Limiting the window also makes it easier on the parent volunteer managing the orders.

Q: Why do I need to pay $10 for the included t-shirt? I thought my registration included 1 t-shirt?

A: Every swimmer’s registration includes 1 t-shirt. The information for the free shirt was collected on the registration form. You may buy additional shirts for your swimmer, family, or friends. You are not required to buy an additional t-shirt. However, it is always great to see team spirit at the meets and we highly recommend you get a shirt in advance because we generally don’t have extra for purchase once the season starts!

Q: I tried using a coupon on my order but it didn’t work, how come?

A:  Our team discounts are already the lowest price. Unfortunately, you can’t use a coupon to purchase team apparel on our sponsor’s website.

Q: My question wasn’t answered in the FAQ who can I contact to get my question answered?

A:  For the 2016 season our parent volunteer is Jerry. You can email him at Jerry@onetri.com.


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