Why Support Us

On behalf of the Park Paseo Northstars Swim Team, I would like to thank you and your company for your support and invite you to become a sponsor for our team. The Northstars Swim Team is a non-profit organization operating under the Irvine Swim League (ISL) guidelines whose mission is to provide the organizational structure for a recreational and developmental summer swim league for youth who live in Irvine with an emphasis on water safety, stroke instruction, and individual improvement.

Our team is composed of children ages 5-18 years and their parent volunteers primarily from Park Paseo as well as surrounding neighborhoods.  We are a family-oriented recreational team for the children within these neighborhoods, imparting important life skills to our participants. Our swim season extends from June through August.  Weekly swim meets include 18 other participating neighborhood teams.  Here’s how you will be recognized as a sponsor:
  1. More than 150 families will recognize your sponsorship at our weekly dual or tri-meets
    1. Through banners hung at each meet
    2. Mentioned at the start, half-time and end of home meets
  2. As a link from our website http://ppnorthstars.org
    1. The Northstars website has been updated to recognize you as a sponsor on all 30 pages
    2. This is a great tool to improve your SEO ranking.
    3. With registration directly from our website, exposure can start now
  3. On our Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/ppnorthstars
  4. Sponsorship at or above the Silver Level will have your logo imprinted on our team t-shirts.
  5. Advertising at the Championship meet, which is held the first weekend of August; all 18 teams compete together (over 2,000 people)
    1. Your logo will appear in the Championship Program
    2. Banners will be hung
Your support will assist in covering our major expenses such as team t-shirts, officials, equipment, and trophies.
If providing sponsorship for the Park Paseo Northstars is an option for you and your company again this year, please take some time to review the sponsorship information I have included with this letter. I am confident you will find a level of sponsorship that will be comfortable for your company.
The Park Paseo Northstars looks forward in continuing to building a strong partnership with your company that will enable us to provide character building activities for our youth.
Thank you in advance for your consideration and support of Park Paseo Northstars.

an Irvine Swim League team